My Story...

My fascination with computers started back in the late 1980s when I was given a 286 computer. I purchased a book on DOS the only operating system available at the time. I read through every chapter of the book learning every command and function. I couldnt get enough. I read another book then another, and another. When the Windows operating system came out I bought a faster computer and learned all I could about it. To date I am still buying books and keeping a hedge up on the latest in Technology.

In 1989 I went back to school and became certified in the Novel Operating System which most companies not big enough to run a main frame used at the time. In 1999 the Windows Server Operating System was surpasing Novel in the market place so back to school I went. I became certified on Windows Servers. I have also achieved Computia and Microsoft Office certifications.

I built my first computer in 1990 then began building them for family and friends. before long I was building them for my clients too. To date I have personally built 100s of them. Computer manufactures build computes as cheaply as they can. I build the best computers with the highest quality components that are faster, and have fewer issues than any computer you can buy.




Our Mission

By Steve Bardfield